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    We are so very happy to welcome you to First Congregational United Church of Christ in Elgin, IL. We are excited to meet you! Everyone is welcome to attend our services. Join us for Bible study and/or services and be sure to let the greeters know you are new.



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    Upcoming Events

    Sunday Night Supper

    Sunday Nights 5:00 – 7:00

    “Sunday Night Supper” is an opportunity for you to gather with your FCC family for fellowship and spiritual growth.  A hearty free meal will be served at 5:00.  Families are encouraged to eat together, and free childcare will be available.  After the meal a variety of enriching opportunities for personal and spiritual growth will be offered.  The evening will end promptly at 7:00.





    “The Way” is one of the options available during Sunday Night Supper.  “The Way” is a process for introducing persons to faith in Jesus, growing the faith persons already have, and/or introducing them to the First Congregational Church community.  For more information click HERE.





    Stuff People Think the Bible Says, But Doesn’t:
    Making Sense of the Bible in 2017

    Another option available during Sunday Night Supper.  The Bible is employed in countless claims about homosexuality, climate change, politics, and other issues.  But does the Bible truly address those subjects?  If so, what does it really say?  Starting on January 15, join us on Sunday nights for an in-depth exploration of biblical interpretation as it applies to the questions people are asking in 2017 instead of 1917.



    Candlelight Guided Meditation

    Yet another option available during Sunday Night Supper.  The loving-kindness meditation, rooted in Buddhist tradition, heals the mind from stress and calms the nervous system, promoting a positive attitude and an overall sense of individual peace.

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    “Go and Do the Same” – A great stewardship moment by Sherri Maxon.  Worth the read!

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