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August 24, 2014
First Congregational Church, the oldest church in Elgin, is pleased to offer video taken at our weekly 10:15 a.m. worship service. Now you can see what all the excitement is about at F.C.C.! Click the button to watch the video of our most recent service. If you are unable to play the video, you will need to download and install Adobe's Flash Player and restart your web browser before viewing the video.

Once you start the video, you can click this button on the player to change the video quality to a higher resolution.

Visit the new F.C.C. YouTube Channel!

To see videos dating back to January 1, 2011, please click here to access the archives. Thanks for visiting our site!

FCC Habitat for Humanity Build Day
Sign-up to volunteer for FCC’s Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley build day on September 13th at 114/116 N. Channing Street in Elgin. Click the links below.
Waiver Release
Registration Information

“HOW DO I…?” Sermon Series
In thirty-seven years of ministry I can’t recall ever being asked what Christians believe. Most people outside the church think they know the answers, or they just aren’t interested. The problem is that churches usually focus on the content of belief, the “what” questions, which no one is asking, at least no anymore. But recently I read CHRITIANITY AFTER RELIGION by sociologist Diana Butler-Bass who says she sees many people who are interested in faith, but they are asking “how” questions of faith. Questions like “How can I know there is a God?” “How do I believe?” “How does this make sense?” “How would believing this make my life different?” “How would this change the world?”

Beginning Sunday, September 7, Lois Bucher and I will attempt to address a different “how” question each week in both the 8:15 and 10:15 worship services at First Congregational Church of Elgin. The topics and there dates will be:

Sep. 7 – From “What?” to “How?”
Sep. 14 - How do I know there is a God?
Sep. 21 - How do I connect with God?
October 5 – How do I “pay it forward”?
October 12 - How do I know what is true?
October 19 – How does belief make a difference in my life?
October 26 - How do I give my life meaning?
Nov. 2 - How do I love God when bad things happen to me and the people I love?
Nov. 9 – How do I connect with an authentic faith community?
Nov. 16 – How is the world transformed by believing?
Nov. 23 - How do I “keep on keeping on?”

As always, doubts and questions are encouraged and everyone is welcome really.

Online Church Directory
We are excited to announce our new online church directory! It contains most church members, staff and some active friends of the church. It also include groups, ministries and Sunday School Class information. The directory is password protected and only available to members of our church family. You control how much information to share.

Within the next few weeks you will receive an email with instructions on how to use the directory as well as your user name and password. From there, you will be able to change your password, update your pictures and information and add family members. We hope you find this a new and exciting way to stay in touch with your fellow disciples.

Click here to view the directory.

- Evangelism and Membership

1920 Bulletin
We recently received a copy of the FCC Easter Sunday bulletin for April 4, 1920 which was the Sunday AFTER the tornado struck the sanctuary and killed three people. It will soon be placed in our church’s archives. Click here to see the bulletin.

Bible Study Opportunities for Everyone at FCC!

Breakfast with the Bible
January 5th we began a study of the Old Testament book of Daniel. Come explore a book whose images and stories affected other parts of the Bible, and continue to color (for good and for ill) current interpretations of scripture. Bring your Bible to fellowship hall at 9:15. Breakfast is served each Sunday, beginning at 9:00, and childcare is available.

Beer, Burgers, and the Bible

Each month on the 4th Monday, the men of our church meet at the Elgin Public House for Bible study and good eats. “Say WHAT?” is the current theme of our Bible study for Beer, Burgers, and the Bible (a.k.a., “Dude-maris,” or “Triple B”). We are taking a close look at some of the Bible’s problematic passages. This month we will meet on May 21st (because the 4th Monday Memorial Day) at 6:30pm at Elgin Public House, 219 E. Chicago Street. Order something to eat (it’s half-price burger night), if you like, and come upstairs for an hour of Bible study for dudes only.

Women’s Study Group
A Women’s Study Group meets every Thursday 10:30 am- 1p.m. in the conference room. Currently this group is studying the Gospel of Luke. This great discussion group is looking at the two questions: Who is Jesus? and Why am I Following Him? All are welcome to join the group at any time. For more information please contact Pastor Lois.

F.C.C.'s Own YouTube Channel
We now have our own YouTube channel where you can view larger size videos of past worship services. Please help us promote this channel by telling your friends and anyone who might be looking for a church. The channel can be viewed at or by searching YouTube for TheFCCElgin.

FCC is truly coming into the 21st century. At its April meeting, the Church Council approved the option of online giving to our church. Now you can choose to have your regular offering, or renovation pledge, or any other gift automatically transferred from any bank account. This service is available through the United Church of Christ and will operate just like your online bill payments. It will promote consistent giving and make it easier to forecast cash flow. FCC will have complete control over contribution information, and confidentiality will be maintained as in the past. Click here for more information and to download the authorization form.

Give a Gift to FCC

Help First Congregational Church continue to seek God’s truth, practice Christ’s teachings, and love others unconditionally in Elgin. Your gift is much appreciated.

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In Worship in September

September 7: Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Preacher — Dr. Paris Donehoo
Sermon: From "What?" to "How?"
Scripture readings:
Hebrews 11:1-6
John 3:1-16
Rally Day & Holy Communion

September 14: Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Preacher — Dr. Paris Donehoo
Sermon: How Do I Know There is a God?
Scripture readings:
1 Peter 1:3-9
John 14:8-12
Anthem: The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee by Jean Berger

September 21: Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Preacher — Dr. Paris Donehoo
Sermon: How Do I Connect with God?
Scripture readings:
Psalm 8:1-9
Ephesians 2:8-10
James 2:14-26
Anthem: Humble Service by Larry Fleming

September 28: Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Preacher — Mark Behle, UCC Missionary to Lesotho, Africa
Anthem:Give Me Jesus arr. Mark Patterson